Organization Mission Statement

The mission of the Alternative Academic Achievement Academy is to provide a positive learning environment which will improve self-esteem and create a positive impact on students behavioral and educational performances so that they may become better prepared for the future.

AAA Academy is committed to enabling each student to maximize their learning opportunities to achieve success and increase skills in academic and social environments.

The following represent the core values of AAA Academy:

Environment:  Provide a secure environment where the student can focus on learning

Opportunities:  Create opportunities to develop alternatives to verbal aggression through mode modeling and defined limits

Positive Relationships:  Increase positive interpersonal relationships with family members, classmates and staff

Development:  Provide students with opportunities to develop academically, socially and psychologically

Promote Abilities:  Promote an increased awareness of self and the ability to make good decisions

AAA Academy is cognizant of the huge number of students in need of alternative placement and support the theory that “it often takes different roads to arrive at our specific goals.” Our primary focus is to have students make academic achievements within a disciplined environment.  Therefore, we provide a structured academic program and a disciplined social environment, while simultaneously nurturing our students. 

Students attend school from 8:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and receive four to five periods of academics, lunch, recreation, group discussion, and/or consultations. The services we provide include social work, psychology, and education in a non-traditional environment.


"All Children Are Worth Saving"