The Alternative Academic Achievement Academy was founded by Freda McArthur , Wilson H. Pierce III and Douglas McArthur in response to the difficulties facing young people in their community and the larger area of the South Suburbs. The founders were quite aware of these difficulties, as well as their causes and wanted to do something to make it easier for these young people to succeed. They considered various approaches, and quickly came to the conclusion that a proactive approach would be much better than reacting. That instead of looking for existing problems to solve, it would be more beneficial to find the source and reduce the chances of it arising in the first place.

The means to accomplish this was to provide a solid educational foundation. One that would improve self-esteem, behavior and the educational performances of at-risk youth, to prepare them for a successful future. This idea quickly developed into the AAA Academy, which was incorporated in March 2000 and began working with students during the 2001-2002 school year. The programs continue to grow, adapt, and develop.  For example, we initially looked at areas that hampered success, like fights after school, and responded with a door-to-door transportation program. We also examined the age range served by AAA Academy. Though the original intention was to serve grades 5 through 8, it soon became clear that heading off potential problems early and at the foundation level, there will be fewer high school alternative programs needed, which in turn would place fewer burdens on the state and federal government. 

Today, AAA Academy continues to serve special education and at-risk youth, and continues to evolve and grow. As we begin a new school year in yet another new facilility, it continues to operate under the same principle that brought it into existence: "All Children Are Worth Saving"