Assistant Principal David Millman

David Millman comes to AAA with a full heart and a fervent desire to help students achieve. He believes in the philosophy of servant leadership (leading through support) and that all students can achieve. Mr Millman also supports the philosophy that there are multiple kinds of intelligence, and that each student has a unique learning style in which they learn most effectively.

Mr. Millman received his Masters degree in Educational Administration from the North Eastern Illinois University, and he has over 28 years of experience in the field of education. He began his career as the Music Director at an Elementary School near the South side of Chicago, where he was able to teach and share his passion for the Art of Music. As the Music Director, he initiated a music program and founded the school band.

During his service he felt a calling on his life to work with students who had academic and behavioral challenges. He answered by providing additional support to students, assisting teachers, and administrators.

Mr. Millman also served as the Assistant Principal in the Chicago Public Schools, at an Elementary School on the West side of Chicago. His accomplishments as Assistant Principal include: Helping lead the school into the 21st century by supporting teachers to integrate technology and the arts across the curriculum, founded the school band, obtained grants for a new piano lab , and provided interactive white boards in the classrooms.

Mr. Millman believes that the best schools should strive, not to find out how smart its students are, but how they are smart.

"All Children Are Worth Saving"