Director Shelton Flowers

Shelton Flowers is a proven leader, whose goal is to inspire and empower others. He is an advocate for children and is committed to building their academic development, social emotional growth, self worth, self confidence and self-esteem. He believes that education builds confidence. He also believes that confidence drives us to be successful, which encourage us to encourage others.

Mr. Flowers earned his Masters Degree in Administration Education from Concordia University. He also attended the Upper Iowa University, where he received his Bachelors of Science Degree in Education.

Mr. Flowers began his career in education as an employee of the Chicago Public Schools. He served 12 years as Principal and received many honors for student achievements. In addition to serving as Principal, he also held positions as: Assistant Principal, Dean of Students, Physical Education Instructor and worked as an Administrator in Bellwood School District #88. Mr. Flowers has devoted over 34 years to working in the field of education.

Mr. Flowers is a member of the Illinois Principal Association, and has served as Vice President of Assistant Principals for the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association (CPPA). He is the President of Men of Good Deeds Inc., which is an organization that encourages and inspires men to do random acts of kindness, and he is also an Ordained Minister.

Mr. Flowers motto is "It takes a whole heart to raise a child and our hearts must beat as one," this motto directly correlates with AAA Academy's motto that "All Children are Worth Saving."

"All Children are Worth Saving."