Business Manager Charles McArthur

Charles McArthur is a graduate of Benedictine University, where he received his BA in Business Management. He began his career with AAA Academy as a clerk, while learning the financial goals of the Academy. With a firm foundation of the business aspect of the Academy, he was promoted to Business Manager.

As the Business Manager, he is responsible for the daily operation of the school. His responsibilities include: Managing the accounting and compliance operations for the AAA Academy Administrators and Board of Directors, negotiating with local school districts to assure compliance to the rules and regulations of the Illinois State Board of Education, prepares invoices to local school districts, establishes goals and objectives for the Academy, create operational procedures, manages the annual budget and determines the future projections in order to develop a customized effective plan of operation.

Charles has a passion for making a difference in the lives of students. He believes that when you provide students with a quality education, it gives them the foundation they need to be excel in the classroom and in other aspects of their lives.