Principal Robin Guthrie

Robin D. Guthrie worked as a Certified Dental Assistant for seventeen years before she decided to pursue a career in education. Working for a pediatric dentist for many years helped enhance her unique skills she has with children. Robin was always requested by the most fearful patients. She had also gained the admiration of the children and their parents.
After such a positive response over the years and volunteering in her daughter's classroom, Robin decided to return to school and follow her first love of becoming a teacher.

While attending school, Robin worked full time as a Certified Dental Assistant and also held a part time job to pay for her education. Working tirelessly and going to school eventually paid off.

Robin graduated with honors from Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights with a BA degree. She returned to school after six months of teaching and received a MA degree in school leadership from Concordia University in River Forest. After three years of teaching intermediate students and having such great success with classroom management, student achievement and the respect of parents, Robin began working as the school's Safety Facilitator (dean). She provided leadership and direction to teachers, administrators and other staff in enforcing disciplinary policies throughout the school hallways, classrooms and outside grounds.

Robin was selected from a statewide pool to participate in a yearlong weekend residency-based program designed to prepare principals to lead high need schools as part of the Star School Leadership Project: 1 of 26 model school leadership projects funded by the U.S. Department of Education. During that time her unique skills were enhanced, allowing her to see even more clearly. Given a student's circumstances, all students should be given a fair and just opportunity to learn to the best of their ability.

It is Robin's goal, to make a lasting impression in every child she meets. She continues to encourage and admonish students not to allow obstacles, hindrances or negative circumstances to stop them from pursuing goals, dreams and aspirations of being a successful citizen in this society.