Executive Director Freda McArthur

The statement, "Leaders are Born," is certainly true of Freda McArthur who began her broadcast and teaching career at the age of 12 in her local church. She was voted among the 10 most influential women in Country Club Hills and served as Alderwoman of Country Club Hills, IL.

Freda, a broadcasting major from DePaul University (Chicago), received her first broadcasting award from WGVE in Gary, Indiana in the early 70's. She received many awards, certificates, and recognitions including, but not limited to: four consecutive terms on the Board of Education for School District 160, Parents Educating Exceptional Kids, Managing School Budgets, Becoming an Effective Leader, School Legislation, Leading African American Women's Award, Congress of Christian Education Dean, Stewardship Award, Women of the Year, Non-Violent Intervention Instructor, etc.

Freda has supported inclusion and mainstreaming of students in Special Education for years and has represented Special Education concerns on both the State and local levels. Her awards for the Behavior Disordered Child and Changes in Special Education are indicative of her passionate dedication and commitment to Special Education.

As Vice-President of the Board of Education for School District 160, she was approached by the Director of Student Services regarding out-of-district student placements. He was concerned that the students being placed did not fit the traditional environment. This led Freda to take a closer look at the facilities where students were being placed. She immediately shared his concern.

A strong disciplinarian and born leader, Freda began research to establish an alternative school to remedy this concern. After going through the application process, the motto, "All Children Are Worth Saving," was conceived and the Alternative Academic Achievement Academy was born. In line with our motto, all children who enter through the doors of the Academy find a warm, nurturing, loving personality. All children are assured that they shall always receive love and respect - and that no less is expected of them.