Secretary Minya Coleman, Esq.

Minya L. Coleman is an in-house Corporation counsel for the second largest commuter rail provider in the United States, Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad Corporation, d/b/a Metra in Chicago, Illinois. She concentrates her practice on defending the Carrier against FELA clams, passenger related personal injury claims, employment disputes, and municipal ordinance litigation.

Minya was granted membership to the Illinois State Bar in May of 2014 after receiving her J.D. from The John Marshall Law School in 2014, where she was a member of the Trial Advocacy Board. While attending The John Marshall Law School's part-time program, Minya worked fulltime for the Carrier as a Real Estate Paralegal and Litigation Paralegal. Prior to completion of her law school studies, Minya was granted an Illinois Supreme Rule 711 License, and worked to defend the Carrier against passenger related personal injury claims.
While Minya's official capacity as an Attorney is dedicated to Corporation defense, her public service interest lies with the social development and educational success of young people. Minya was raised in the southern outskirts of Chicago, Illinois where she witnessed many of her peers fall victim to their respective broken circumstances. Minya too underwent various challenges in her upbringing, however was reared under her mother's doctrine "to move beyond the challenges of life." It was during Minya's childhood that the desire for legal advocacy was formulated, as the reality of an undervalued and misunderstood generation of boys and girls emerged around her. Her desire soon evolved to a passion for social, economic, and educational justice for young people.

Through her experiences as a Peer Juror, Illinois State's Attorney Boy Scout of America initiatives, Youth Leader at her Church, and volunteer experiences at the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center her passion was met with the determination to position herself as a resource and influential figure for young people who require a greater amount of TLC than others. Minya has a strong passion for the betterment of young people and is committed to the charge of providing a safe and positive learning environment for students who encounter behavior setbacks in their lives and/or face emotional challenges impacting their learning abilities