Programs Descriptions 

Program for Emotionally Disturbed Students:

The program for Emotionally Disturbed students is a special education self-contained placement. The program is designed to meet the educational needs of students experiencing chronic emotional behavioral difficulties, which affect their ability to benefit from educational opportunities available in their home schools. These young people tend to be withdrawn, impulsive, disruptive, oppositional, confrontational and often physically aggressive. They have difficulty with interpersonal relationships, experience reality in an idiosyncratic manner and in general are cautious in their approach to the world. They take an aggressive approach to the world and are either unable or unwilling to allow staff to help them de-escalate without physical assistance.


Annual Reviews:

According to Public Law 94-142, all special education students must have their individualized educational plan reviewed on an annual basis. The local school district, AAA Academy staff, and parents meet to  discuss the progress of their child. This meeting is usually held prior to the end of the school term. Invitations to the I.E.P. Annual Reviews are mailed to the parents, ten days prior to the meeting. Should the  date/time be inconvenient for the parents, they should call the school to reschedule.


Alternative Program:

The program is a general education opportunity for elementary students whose willful disruptive behavior taxes their home school’s ability to maintain an orderly and safe environment  conducive to the educational process. These students would otherwise be excluded from school attendance. Their approach to the world is aggressive in nature, however, they do respond to intervention. The program is both highly structured and very nurturing. It provides the external behavioral controls required to insure an orderly and safe educational experience, within a small, very personal and highly individualized setting.


Academic Components:

1.   Reading                                   5.  Social Studies

2.   Mathematics                           6.  Technology

3.   Science                                   7.  Physical Education/Health

4.   Language Arts


Academics are stressed in order for a child to improve in school. The academic program utilizes a mastery level approach. Students are assessed at the beginning and end of each marking period to determine progress. Students are grouped for instructional purpose based on cognitive abilities and behavior styles. A team teaching approach is  utilized which provides an opportunity for the student to experience varied teaching styles, while improving skills and attributes necessary to succeed in a regular school environment.



Students are tested annually using the WRAT and/or PIAT. When appropriate, students participate in PARCC and IAA.


Behavioral Components:

Behavior at AAA Academy is managed in a fair, firm and consistent manner.  A broad range of behavioral interventions, individual and group, crisis counseling, individualized academic programs, small class size, parent training and support provides opportunities for the student to gain the skills needed to return to their school.  However, the overriding objective of programming at AAA Academy is to provide an environment, which stimulates development in all areas. AAA Academy utilizes a school-wide system for managing behaviors.


Inter-Agency Cooperation